Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Take a peek at all there is to do, (or not to do!). At Crane Creek Inn Waterfront Bed and Breakfast the choice is yours. Wile away the hours relaxing on the boardwalk, watching the fish jump and the manatee & dolphin swim by. You could catch a glimpse of 'Ally' our alligator looking for lunch or you might choose to snag a nap and read a book in the hammock. Of course the pool is always a popular spot to hang out. Catch a few rays on your choice of lounge chairs around the water or take a dip in our heated pool and enjoy a beverage at the swim up table.  If a rain shower rolls through enjoy a game or puzzle in the gathering room or sit down with the guitar or piano. 


Our favorite part of the day is "a drink at the dock" and we invite you to join us! 

-Curt and Jeannie


Chairs Sitting Dockside Next To A Lake